​Note when selecting protective clothing workers

Note when selecting protective clothing workers
Enterprises need to note that fabric, color, design and the need to use to select the appropriate protective clothing.
Labor protective clothing is important for furniture workers in the industry. Businesses can also advertise its image to customers and
partners through print patterns embroidered on clothes. Therefore, labor protection clothing is always business, personal attention. A standard protective clothing must meet five criteria including, color, modern design, trendy, fabric suit each sector. Clothing must extensively (moderate) and create a sense of comfort to the wearer while ensuring users can move fast, flexible, easy movement. Products must be durable, sweat, against the weather, protecting human skin from solar activity, exposure to radiation, a large amount of dust. The priority is now the clothes have the ability to protect sensitive areas like the head, face, neck ... and must have bags and other subsections (depending on industry) for ease of use when needed .Ben edge clothes, in various industries, labor protective clothing of a worker also comes with many other supporting devices such as reflective clothing, with containers; tuck pen for engineers; wearing reflective outer clothing ghile; shoes, hats, goggles; gloves, masks ... These products also need to have good quality and safe for use with sewing workshop dung.Thien By 6 years of experience in labor protection is always ready to serve the needs of customers . Products directly from the production company to ensure the quality of the fabric, seams that are still reasonably priced. With clothes, Thien By 3 to 6-month warranty for seam and color products.
Thien Bang garment factories capable of meeting all customer requirements from the number to the designs, quality fabrics, seam on each shirt. The company accepted to pay if customers change detect every error, poor quality. With clothing, shoes, helmets, customers can resize appropriate without paying any additional fees.